Bringing Your Pet to Paragon

We understand that when your local Vet decides the best treatment plan for your pet is to be referred to a specialist hospital, it can be daunting and worrying.

Here at Paragon Veterinary Referrals, we offer a diverse range of advanced treatments and we provide outstanding clinical care across many different disciplines. Whatever department your pet is referred to, they are in the very best hands.

It is not unusual for us to find that pets referred for one problem often have another condition or conditions, which may require the input of clinicians in another department. All our veterinary consultants work closely with one another, and with owners, to ensure the clinical needs of our patients goes above and beyond.

Your pet being referred is a similar journey as your GP referring you to a Consultant in the human healthcare. From the start of your journey to the end, Paragon will take good care of you and your pet.


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