What is a Referral?

You may be wondering what exactly a referral is.

Similar to human healthcare, where your GP will refer you to a hospital consultant, your primary care vet may wish to refer your pet to a specialist veterinary hospital to a vet with particular expertise in an area for example internal medicine or surgery.

If you pet requires referral your vet will discuss this with you and organise for an appointment to be made.

You will see one of our referral vets who only treat patients with problems related to the area that they have specific expertise in.  We will discuss your pet’s problem in detail during an appointment lasting up to an hour (depending on the type of problem your pet has).  We will then discuss investigation, which can usually all be performed on site, and treatment options.

Our services are specialist led, which means that we have clinicians that have received clinical training under supervision in that area, and have subsequently passed European or American Diploma examinations which allows them to use the term “Specialist”.  These are internationally recognised qualifications. We are also extremely proud to be a training centre for future specialists.

If you are a pet owner and would like your pet to be referred to our hospital, please discuss with your primary vet and ask them to complete the referral form.