How do I cope if I lose my pet?

When you lose a pet, it is natural to feel upset and emotional and making the decision to say goodbye is one of the hardest you’ll make. Opening up about your feelings and showing your emotion is something not to be afraid of as everyone is sympathetic to what you are going through, and there are many sources of support and advice available to you at this extremely difficult time.

Support is available through our friendly and caring team here at Paragon should you and your family be in such unfortunate circumstances. There are also a number of organisations who offer a bereavement advice service including advice on euthanasia such as the Blue Cross, Our Special Friends and also a charity called Ralph.

We understand that your pet has been a part of your family and we appreciate how coping with their loss can be devastating. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions following the loss of your pet or need additional support.