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Paragon Veterinary Referrals CPD provide an ideal opportunity to hear the latest ideas on various small animal topics, to discuss clinical problems and to meet up with colleagues.

RVN CPD - FAST Scanning for Veterinary Nurses – Part One TFAST

FAST Scanning for Veterinary Nurses
What we'll cover: Ultrasound principles and terms. What are FAST scans? Cases TFAST scans can be used for. How to perform TFAST scans and the limitations.

NEW CPD - Busting the myths around clots in cats; the great antithrombotic debate

Busting the myths around clots in cats; the great antithrombotic debate
Pro/con debate CPD webinar.

NEW Nurse CPD - The Nurses Role in Analgesia: A Case-based Discussion

The Nurses Role in Analgesia: A Case-based Discussion
In this lecture we will discuss the nurses vital role in pain management. We will cover how to monitor for signs of pain and the importance of effective communication with veterinary surgeons. We will then review some scenarios where we will discuss different analgesics and their properties.

New Bitesize CPD - The Inappetent Cat

New Bitesize CPD - The Inappetent Cat

NEW CPD - Murmur Talk in Cats & Dogs

Murmur Talk in Cats & Dogs

New Nursing CPD - Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine in Practice

Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine in Practice
How to source, read and evaluate evidence based veterinary medicine in relation to clinical practice. Including how to prepare and perform a clinical audit using a scenario from Paragon.

NEW CPD - Loading Doses of Antiepileptic Drugs

Loading Doses of Antiepileptic Drugs
Join our Head of Neurology and Neurology Resident for an informal discussion on 'Loading Doses of Antiepileptic Drugs'.

NEW CPD - The Blind Dog

The Blind Dog
Join us for a Q&A session on the approach to 'The Blind Dog', between three of our specialists.

NEW Nursing CPD - Nursing Management of the Septic Patient

Nursing Management of the Septic Patient
In this lecture we will define SIRS and SEPSIS. We will discuss the clinical signs associated with these conditions along with treatment options and specific nursing care requirements.

NEW CPD - Bitesize Feline Ureteric Obstruction

Bitesize Feline Ureteric Obstruction
Bitesize Feline Ureteric Obstruction in cats. For further reading documents, see pages 4-5 on the link.

NEW CPD - Pro/Con Debate on Second Line Immunosuppressants

Pro/Con Debate on Second Line Immunosuppressants
Discussion Second Line Immunosuppressants

NEW Nurse CPD - Blood Transfusions - When & How to Administer

Blood Transfusions - When & how to Administer
Veterinary Nurses play a key role in administering blood transfusions to both canine & feline patients. This recorded session will discuss types of blood products that can be administered, which cases they may be beneficial for and how to deliver a transfusion to a patient safely

NEW CPD - Bite Size Oesophageal Disease

Bite Size Oesophageal Disease
Informal discussion between three of our Clinicians about Oesophageal Disease.

NEW Nurse CPD - CPR in Practice

CPR in Practice
Discussing how to effectively perform CPR in practice based on the RECOVER Guidelines. Including effective communication techniques, crash box stock, training protocols and preparation.

NEW CPD - Fractures Pro/Con Debate

Internal vs external fixation.

NEW CPD - Bitesize Hip Dysplasia - Part 1

Hip Dysplasia - part 1
What is Hip Dysplasia? Discussing the condition, surgical aspects and more.

NEW CPD - Bitesize Hip Dysplasia - Part 2

Hip Dysplasia - part 2
We discuss the imaging and genetic side of Hip Dysplasia.

NEW CPD - Bitesize Hip Dysplasia - Part 3

Hip Dysplasia - Part 3
Analgesia for Hip Dysplasia including pain management.

NEW FOR 2021 - Antibiotics and Diarrhoea

Antibiotics and Diarrhoea
Pro/Con debate. Proposal for rational antibacterial use in the diagnosis and treatment of dogs with chronic diarrhoea.

NEW CPD for 2021 - Mast Cell Tumours

Mast Cell Tumours

Mikey Tivers

Gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV)
Dogs with GDV can be very challenging but typically rewarding to treat. This lecture will cover diagnosis, stabilisation and surgical management of dogs with GDV. The aim is to reduce the stress associated with GDV by clearly outline the important steps for success. The lecture is illustrated with excellent images, demonstrating the surgery, including gastric repositioning and gastropexy.
Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS)
Due to the dramatic increase in affected breeds in recent years, dogs with BOAS are seen much more commonly in practice. There has also been considerable development in our understanding of the condition and the treatment options available. This lecture will cover all aspects of BOAS including diagnosis, surgical treatment, prognosis and decision making.

Mickey Tivers

Management of traumatic wounds
Wounds are a common injury seen in general practice. There are many different ways of managing wounds but nurses play a vital role in caring for the wound and importantly the animal. This lecture will cover the different stages of managing wounds in practice, with tips for guiding the wound through the different stages of healing and which dressings to use when.

Andrea Holmes

Tracheal and Urethral Stenting
Tracheal and Urethral Stenting with Andrea Holmes

Andrea Holmes

Chronic Diarrhoea
Take 35 minutes to refresh your knowledge on managing chronic diarrhoea in dogs by joining our Internal Medicine Specialist Andrea Holmes

Andrea Holmes

Antimicrobial Resistance
Listen to our Medicine Specialist talk about antimicrobial resistance. Why should we be worried? This is suitable for nurses and vets alike

Liz Leece

Coffee with Our Clinicians Anaesthesia for Emergency Cases
In this 40 minute podcast Elizabeth Leece and Sophie Adamantos, Specialists in Anaesthesia and Analgesia and Emergency and Critical Care discuss stabilisation of emergency cases for anaesthesia covering topics such as sepsis and dyspnoea.

Andrea Holmes

Coffee with our clinicians - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Immunosuppressives But Were Afraid To Ask
Join Andrea Holmes, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Sophie Adamantos, Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care as they talk about how and when they use immunosuppressives. This talk starts quite suddenly! Don't be put off.

Mickey Tivers

2) Coffee with Our Clinicians - Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Join Mickey Tivers, Specialist in Soft Tissue Surgery and Rodney Ayl, Specialist in Medical and Radiation Oncology as they talk about their approach to soft tissue masses, focussing on the management of soft tissue sarcoma

Andrea Holmes and Nick Coleman

Transfusion medicine for nurses, when we use them, how we monitor transfusions and how to get hold of blood
Join our Head of Medicine, Andrea Holmes and Veterinary Nurse Nick Coleman talking about the nurses role in transfusion and why we use blood products.

Andrea Holmes and Jane Scott

Coffee with our Clinicians - Feline Transfusion Medicine
Join Andrea Holmes and Jane Scott one of our Internal Medics talking about feline transfusions