Paragon Referrals, part of Linnaeus Veterinary Limited, offer a range of high-quality small animal veterinary specialist led referral services at our practice in Wakefield.

Our team work together to surpass the expectations of veterinary care to provide a “Better World for Pets”.

We acknowledge that our operations influence the environment and have identified key areas that contribute to our environmental and carbon footprint:

Consumption of electricity, gas, water and other fuels
Use of anaesthetic gases
Waste generation
Transport emissions
Use of raw materials, including consumables, textiles and medications
Procured goods and services with their own environmental impact
Staff turnover and retention
Paragon Referrals are committed to reducing their environmental impact, through a journey of continual improvement by working through the Investors in the Environment accreditation scheme.

Our environmental commitment can be demonstrated in our established objectives and goals below:

Understand and monitor our key resource usage. Identify activities within the hospital that are most impactful on this and make changes to the ways we work to reduce our resource use.

Review single-use disposable items used in the clinical and non-clinical environment and set clear objectives and targets to teams to reduce the use of these.

Review our waste management, ensure that there is clarity and understanding in the teams of the processes that should be followed through demonstrable leadership and training.

Incorporate appropriate sustainable targets into team leaders objectives to be actioned through discussion and agreement with their teams
Improve the knowledge and use of low-flow anaesthesia throughout the building targeting a 10% reduction in isoflurane usage.

Improve efficiency and flow through the hospital to reduce the amount of time patients are waiting under anaesthesia, which will have an overall impact on our anaesthetic gas usage.

Understanding that commuting plays a large role in our carbon footprint. Through dialogue understand the key drivers of car-use. Consider promoting and rewarding car-sharing initiatives and minimising the pollutant impact of car use through education and participation in initiatives such as no-idling projects.

Create a business travel policy to ensure that sustainable forms of transport are considered in all business travel.

Improve the knowledge and engagement of associates through active leadership and engagement from the iiE team members as well as encouraging individual projects that align with our company objectives.

Take part in One Health sustainability project with our Associates

Work with procurement to ensure that required products are on the preferred supplier list. Improve our compliance with preferred products to >96%.

Increase the number of “green products” used by 50% over baseline set at start of 2022.

Publishing and distribution of an annual organisational sustainability report

Commit to paying a living wage for all associates and develop and support training, individual development and clear routes for career progression through the business to ensure associates can have long-term careers within Paragon Referrals and Linnaeus

Work towards increased engagement by incorporating welfare and team based targets into individual reviews, one option of which will be an sustainability project, either of the associates own choice, or by joining a current project on the action plan.

We will continue to improve our environmental management system by working to the Investors in the Environment (iiE) criteria, considering any changes in legislation, our organisation, and other factors.

We will convey this policy to all our employees ensuring that they are provided with training to increase awareness of environmental matters.

Nicola Swales is our Sustainability Lead and has designated responsibility for the day- to-day implementation of this policy.