Orthopaedic Team – why we are #ProudtobeParagon

02 June 2020

As pet owners, seeing them run
and play and enjoying life is what it is all about and here at Paragon, that is
all we strive for. Our Orthopaedic team focus on getting our pets back to the
way they should be – doing what they love best!

And did you know on top of our extremely experienced and passionate team, we offer fixed pricing with 6 month warranty for routine procedures!  Contact us today…

One example of how Proud we are of our team is when Paragon transformed a Labrador’s life following a double hip replacement.

Bailey was just eight months old when he began to be
incapacitated by lameness in both his hind legs. When his condition continued
to deteriorate, he was referred to us for an expert assessment.

Our Orthopedic surgeon Nick Blackburn led the case and carried out Bailey’s surgery…Read more here:

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Bailey ortho blog
Bailey ortho blog