WE ARE SPECIALISTS! But What Exactly is a Specialist? – Why We Are #ProudtobeParagon

08 June 2020

Exactly what is a specialist? Specialists are veterinarians who specialise in a specific area of medicine or a specific animal species. They complete an additional 3-5 years of training on top of their already existing 5-6 year degree including a residency and internship and they can even go a step further and become board certified, which is the highest degree a Veterinarian can achieve and we are #Proud to have these on our team here at Paragon.

When you refer to Paragon Veterinary Referrals, it means you are referring to a team including Specialists, that have the knowledge to specialise in such referrals and cases and to undertake appropriate diagnostic tests and treat your animals with the most expert knowledge and skill.

To help put this into perspective, in human medicine, your GP may refer you to a specialist such as orthopaedic surgeon for example. We are extremely lucky and #Proud to have so many specialists within so many different disciplines at Paragon, making us a very competitive centre in the North West.


Proud graphic 1
Proud graphic 1