Massimo Mariscoli

Massimo Mariscoli


EBVS® Specialist in Veterinary Neurology

Head of Neurology

Massimo grew up in Italy and graduated from the University of Bologna in 1990. After the ECVN Diploma he was lecturer, associate professor and Head of a Small Animal Surgery and Neurology Service at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital of the University of Teramo.

After Massimo’s President role of the Italian Society of Veterinary Neurology (SINVet), he moved to the UK in May 2017 to work as a Neurology Specialist then to the Head of Neurology position at a Small Animal Hospital.

His main clinical interests are epilepsy, inflammatory disorders of the central nervous system and neurosurgery. Massimo also has advanced techniques in Molecular Biology characteristics of Inflammatory disease of the central nervous system as well as Oncology of the central nervous system: diagnosis and treatment planning.

As Massimo was looking for a new challenge, he was pleased to learn the possibility to set up a dedicated Neurology service here at Paragon.