Our Services

Paragon Veterinary Referrals offers a diverse range of advanced treatments and provides outstanding clinical care across many different disciplines. It is not unusual for us to find that pets referred for one problem often have another condition or conditions, which may require the input of clinicians in another department. All our veterinary consultants work closely with one another, and with owners, to ensure the clinical needs of our patients are met.


Anaesthesia and Analgesia (Pain Relief)

During treatment, your pet may require sedation, general pain relief or even a general anaesthetic in order to complete a procedure, surgery and/or diagnostics within the imaging suite...



Heart problems in pets can be a real source of worry for owners, with conditions ranging from the easily treated to the extremely serious. We're here to ensure your pet receives the highest standard of diagnosis and care, and the members of our veterinary cardiology team are all highly qualified and experienced...



Dermatology is the discipline concerned with diagnosing and treating conditions of the skin and ears, including such conditions as itchy skin, infections, ear problems or hair loss...


Diagnostic Imaging

Our diagnostic imaging suite is a full turnkey provision, with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerised tomography (CT) scan and digital X-ray to assist in the diagnosis of medical and surgical conditions. In particular, MRI scanning is used to diagnose disease or ailments difficult to detect by conventional techniques, and the detailed data provided by the plan can be used to form an effective treatment plan...


Internal Medicine

Put simply, veterinary internal medicine is about taking care of the inside of your pet. This discipline involves investigating, treating and preventing disease, and we use both medical and surgical treatments to help pets suffering from internal diseases...



Our team of vets treats many patients with neurological problems, including diseases of the brain, nervous system, spinal cord and muscles...



Cancer can affect our much-loved pets, just as it does friends and family. Nowadays, thanks to progress in veterinary cancer medicine, many patients can be cured and many others achieve remission...



Ophthalmology involves the diagnosis and treatment of conditions involving the eyes. Our highly qualified team is passionate about the care of animals, so you can rest assured your pet will receive the highest quality of treatment at all times...



Veterinary orthopaedics is the diagnosis and treatment of skeletal and joint conditions. At Paragon Veterinary Referrals, our orthopaedic veterinary surgeons focus on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a vast range of orthopaedic conditions in cats and dogs, and have extensive experience in small animal surgery...


Soft Tissue Surgery

Animal soft tissue surgery involves the investigation and treatment of conditions in the head, neck, chest and abdomen. Common referred surgeries include abdominal, oral, ENT, thoracic, urogenital, oncologic and skin surgery...

Reproduction compressed


Specialised reproduction is an important part of veterinary medicine. We have an expert team here at Paragon Referrals who have many years of experience. We offer various services within reproduction including, bitch progesterone testing, dog fertility examination, semen chilling and others.