Anaesthesia and Analgesia (Pain Relief)

During treatment, your pet may require sedation, general pain relief or even a general anaesthetic in order to complete a procedure, surgery and/or diagnostics within the imaging suite.

At Paragon Veterinary Referrals, we have a dedicated anaesthetist to supervise and manage your pet throughout, supporting both vet and qualified nurses, and provide a personalised plan specific to your pet’s needs.

Every patient is treated according to their medical status and temperament, the procedure they are undergoing and their response to a strange environment. Our anaesthetist will take into consideration all pre-, peri- and post-operative pain management to make sure your pet has a safe anaesthetic, with optimal pain relief and an easy recovery.

Our extensive range of anaesthetic monitoring equipment is tailored to each patient, depending on the nature of their condition and likely risks of the procedure. As part of each patient’s treatment, we will provide continuous electrocardiography, capnography, pulse oximetry, temperature, arterial blood gas monitoring, indirect blood pressure monitoring, direct arterial blood pressure monitoring, as well as central venous pressure and urine output.

Critically ill patients are continuously monitored to ensure they receive the best care throughout their stay with us.