Heart problems in pets can be a real source of worry for owners, with conditions ranging from the easily treated to the extremely serious. We’re here to ensure your pet receives the highest standard of diagnosis and care, and the members of our veterinary cardiology team are all highly qualified and experienced. Cardiology patients are seen by our team of veterinary cardiology practitioners.

Pets referred to our cardiology department commonly suffer from:

  • Heart mumurs
  • Breathing problems
  • Collapsing episodes
  • Exercise intolerance

Your initial consultation will usually last 20-60 minutes, during which time we will take a thorough history and examine your pet thoroughly. We will try to answer any question you may have and suggest ways we can investigate and treat your pet’s problem. We will always discuss potential costs, outcomes and risks, including complications.

Assuming you agree to treatment, your pet may be left with us for investigation and treatment. We aim to send patients home on the same day, if appropriate, and have extensive hospitalisation facilities to care for your pet if they need to stay with us.