Pet Blood Bank services at Paragon

Paragon Veterinary Referrals is a member of the Pet Blood Bank Sharing Scheme. If you require blood products urgently, and the Pet Blood Bank cannot provide a delivery to you in time, you can contact us with your requirements.

If the products are in stock you can collect the blood products directly or arrange a courier. This service is available immediately in most cases and can offer your clients peace of mind in a potentially stressful situation.

How does it work?

You (the ‘borrowing practice’) telephone us to check we have the products you require available. If we can help we will organise collection of the required item with you.

You will need to complete a form before product release to confirm that you are happy to accept the blood and any ancillary products and understand that you will be invoiced by Pet Blood Bank for the cost of providing replacement products to Paragon Veterinary Referrals.

If you are not collecting the items in person (e.g. if you use a courier) we will email the form to you, which you will need to complete and return before we can release the products to a third party.


We currently stock:

  • Fresh Frozen & Frozen Plasma (FFP & FP)
  • Packed Red Blood cells (PRB) both DEA 1 +ve and DEA 1 -ve
  • Blood typing kits
  • Blood giving sets

There are no extra fees or hidden charges, it is simply the same price that the borrowing practice would pay if they ordered directly from Pet Blood Bank themselves.

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