Pain Management

Helping patients live a pain-free life

As pets live longer the risk of them developing chronically painful conditions increases. Osteoarthritis is the most commonly recognised problem for our patients and as time progresses can affect the quality of life for older dogs and cats. Vets are also recognising pain associated
with other conditions for example certain neurological and oncological conditions. Advances are constantly being made in utilising different therapeutic modalities including conservative management and drug therapies although the level of success is very case dependent, reflecting
both complex pathophysiology and emotional components.

At Paragon Veterinary Referrals we have now launched a Specialist-led Chronic Pain Management Clinic to improve the quality of life for your client’s pets and help to manage owner’s expectations. The service is led by a highly-respected Specialist in anaesthesia and analgesia.

Our New Chronic Pain Management Clinic

Our Chronic Pain Management Clinic, led by Elizabeth Leece a European and RCVS Specialist
in Anaesthesia and Analgesia, is available for patients you would like to refer for management of
any chronic pain. Your client’s pet will be assessed and we will develop a personalised pain management programme. We also offer an acupuncture service for suitable cases. We will structure a multimodal pain plan working with our referring vets to provide long-term management, optimising owner evaluation of their pets, ongoing medications, acupuncture,
physiotherapy or dietary and lifestyle advice.

To ensure the most effective treatment, we will investigate the source of the pain if needed, working with the multi-disciplinary team of Specialists at Paragon. The most commonly seen patients are dogs and cats with chronic joint disease such as osteoarthritis. In these patients we will use a combination of pharmacological and physical interventions such as acupuncture
and physiotherapy. This can vastly improve their mobility and overall quality of life.
However, the benefits of our Chronic Pain Management clinic is not restricted to orthopaedic cases. Patients with a history of back problems and trapped nerves, chronic abdominal disease, cats with chronic cystitis, and even patients with some forms of cancer may benefit.

Ongoing care for the best possible outcome

The management of chronic pain is ongoing and the response to treatment varies between individual pets. In some cases, frequent checkups may be needed and pain plans altered. In other instances, once an effective pain control plan has been established, further check-ups may
only be required every few months. Acute flare ups or progression of underlying disease may necessitate more frequent visits. We recognise that every patient and their circumstances
is unique so will tailor their pain management plan accordingly. The expertise of our Specialists combined with our outstanding facilities allow us to provide the best solution for your clients and their pets.

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