Beloved pet dog survives run-in with giant barley awn

The owners of a fun-loving 10-year-old dog were left “gobsmacked” when a giant barley awn was found to be the cause of his persistent cough.

Burt, a Springer/German Short-Haired Pointer cross, had been coughing for six weeks after running in a field of barley and X-rays taken at his local vets suggested there was an object in his airways.

Despite an examination with a camera being carried out, the cause was no clearer, so Burt was referred to us, where he was examined by internal medicine specialist, Andrea Holmes.

A CT scan clearly identified the 10cm-long awn, which Andrea swiftly removed.

Andrea said: “Burt was referred to us for further investigation when his cough persisted. The CT scan we carried out clearly identified the head of barley and its location which enabled us to examine it with a camera and remove it. It had probably been down there for more than a month.

“Burt is doing well at home and is back exercising normally, hopefully avoiding barley fields!”

Owners Lyn Dobson and partner Michael share their home in North Lincolnshire with Burt and fellow rescue dog, Tyler, a nine-year-old Golden Retriever.

As well as the usual issues which can lead to trips to the vets, such as cut paws and swallowing foreign bodies, Burt has also been treated for cancer on two occasions.

Lyn said: “We were pleased with Burt’s care at Paragon as the staff were friendly and efficient. I can’t thank Andrea enough for dealing with Burt’s lungs so thoroughly.

“I was shocked, gobsmacked even, by what she managed to locate and remove. I still can’t believe that all Burt had was a cough for around four or five weeks prior to this.

“Burt is very lovable and a real character. He makes us laugh a lot. Even if his recall is not the best, we have learnt to accept this as the positives far outweigh that.”