Fixed Pricing – Neurology

Introducing our new fixed priced packages within our specialist led neurology service
Spinal Surgery What is included?
hemi laminectomy <20kg
£8,000 Consultation, pre-operative blood tests (if required) general anaesthetic, MRI, surgery, up to 4 nights hospitalisation, 1 post operative check, discharged with upto 2 weeks medication**
hemi laminectomy 20-40kg
hemi laminectomy >40kg
Ventral slot <20kg £8,000
Ventral slot 20-40kg £8,250
Ventral slot >40kg £8,500
Seizure Work-up What is included?
Seizure investigations £4,500 Consultation, general anaesthetic MRI, CSF samples, seizure profile blood tests, 1 night hospitalisation

Please note these prices do not take into account emergency fees or complications.

Requirement for pre-operative blood tests are at our discretion and based on clinical judgement and are included in these packages,  if there is a co-existent disease, additional tests/medications may be required and will be subject to additional cost

**Medication covered in the packages are pain relief (paracetamol and NSAID) and a short course of antibiotic if indicated