Advice Form

This form should ONLY be used by Veterinary Surgeons, not by pet owners

Emergency, Urgent and Out-of-Hours Referrals

Please DO NOT use this form for emergency, urgent and out-of-hours referrals. Instead, call reception on 01924 908333 to speak to a member of staff

Out of hours is weekdays 6pm – 8am and over the weekend.  

If you are experiencing difficulties using our referral form please try using another web browser i.e. Google Chrome.

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To allow us to continue to provide our free advice service, we kindly ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Please summarise relevant history
  • Clearly state a specific question for our clinicians
  • Full history and any test results should be uploaded with relevant sections highlighted
  • Ensure your contact details are correct and you have specified the best way to contact you
  • Specify an alternative contact at your practice in case our clinicians need to telephone you to discuss the case
  • Consider whether a referral may be more appropriate, particularly in complex cases that have already had significant investigation
  • If you simply need to check on waiting times and obtain an estimate for a case a very brief one-line summary is fine. The more detail given the more accurate the estimate will be, but we are happy to give wide ranges and discuss all of this with the client at their initial appointment. This can also be included on the referral request and we will discuss this directly with the client prior to booking them in

Due to caseload we are unable to read long clinical histories that don’t have a specific section highlighted and specific question asked.

We endeavour to respond to advice requests within two weekdays, however patients currently under our care must take priority, so response times may be longer. This service is not available at weekends.