”I Love Having the Equipment to Work to Gold Standard” – Why Become an RVN at Paragon

Lydia Barry BSc (Hons) RVN CertVNECC on why she loves working for Paragon and learning from a team of specialists…

”I registered as an RVN in 2017 and have worked in a referral setting since 2018. I studied my BSc (Hons) at Edinburgh Napier University for four years.

I love having the equipment and materials to work to gold standard for all patients. I also love working and learning from a team of specialists.

Working as a ward nurse is primarily focused on providing holistic care to each patient in hospital. I aim to consider the patients as individuals and alter my nursing interventions to their specific condition and needs. You really can use every single skill you’ve been taught as a ward nurse!

There is a huge range of learning materials online and in practice, including webinars and clinical skills sessions. You can collaborate with other nurses at different referral practices too to learn from others and improve practice.

Every day is a learning day and there’s not a day that I don’t learn something new. In particular, I have learnt how important evidence-based medicine is and I love being able to change practice based on new research and evidence.

Go for it!! The change to referral is the scariest bit and once you’re here you’ll love it.”