New Business Relationship Manager – Meet Danielle

It’s a big change from looking after people’s pearly whites to supporting vets referring to a state-of-the-art animal hospital – but for our new Business Relationship Manager, Danielle Littlewood, it’s another great role for putting smiles on people’s faces. 

Qualified dental nurse Danielle started work with Paragon last month and has already immersed herself in the hospital’s work – unsurprisingly taking a particular interest in veterinary dentistry!

Danielle took time out to tell us more about what her role involves and what she’s enjoyed most in her time at Paragon so far…

What does the BRM role involve?

Here at Paragon, the role of the Business Relationship Manager is to regularly liaise with our primary care referrers. The BRM acts as the point of contact for providing information on the disciplines offered and educates on the support available for those particularly challenging cases.

The role entirely revolves around ensuring the primary care referrer feels looked after, is listened to and provided with the most relevant specialist-delivered CPD. It is vitally important for the specialist hospital to ultimately work alongside primary care practices in delivering first-class service and care to patients.

Acting as the face of the hospital and the voice of the referrer, the BRM will work in building established relationships and understanding referrers’ greater needs.

What do you enjoy about the role?

Personally, I enjoy all aspects of the role! It is a really diverse and interesting position to be in within the hospital. I get the best of both worlds, as I get to speak regularly with our lovely referring practices, visit them (Post-Covid-19, of course!) and find out what we can do to help them and really make a difference.

On the flipside, it’s great working alongside a fantastic team of specialists. I’m able to see the services in action and how much of a difference our team can make to an animal’s life.

What is your professional background?

Believe it or not – teeth! I am a fully qualified dental nurse, so it’s especially interesting for me when I get to observe the dentistry aspect of veterinary care.

My previous role meant I was much more involved in the commercial side of the industry and I worked for a leading provider in dental materials and equipment. After working in a dental hospital setting, both private and NHS, I decided it was time for a change.

What are your first impressions of Paragon and the team there?

When I first joined the team last month, I was quite nervous! Paragon is a very impressive establishment with a team of highly-trained specialists to go with it. However, they couldn’t have been more accommodating.

I’ve been fully supported during my first few weeks in the team. There are lots of friendly faces and everyone is always happy to help.

On reflection, what stood out to me most was how well the clinical team come together as a multidisciplinary service to ensure the welfare of every animal is paramount. They really do put care at the front of everything they do