What to expect at your referral appointment

It’s important you know what to expect when you attend Paragon Veterinary Referrals with your pet for your referral appointment. This ensures you are prepared before the appointment and understand what will happen on the day and during treatment.

Preparing for your appointment

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. If appropriate, please remember your cat or dog will need to fast before the appointment. You can give your pet a normal meal the evening before the consultation, but don’t feed after 8pm. Make sure fresh water is available at all times.

If your pet is receiving prescribed medication, follow the medication plan as normal, unless otherwise instructed. If you have any concerns or your pet has special requirements, for example, if it’s diabetic, please check with your vet before withholding food.

It is important that you bring your pet to your appointment, rather than a relative, friend or neighbour. As the person responsible for decision-making, we need to ask you detailed questions about your pet’s history, discuss your pet’s treatment and the financial considerations.

Please also bring to the appointment copies of any x-rays, ECGs etc that your primary care vet has given you to avoid repeating any unnecessary procedures.

Please aim to arrive at Paragon Veterinary Referrals 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. If you are held up in traffic, please notify Paragon Veterinary Referrals reception as soon as possible.

There is free car parking available on-site with allocated disabled bays and a wheelchair accessible entrance.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify both us and your primary care vet, who referred your pet to us.

Arrival at reception

Your pet will be registered with us and you will need to sign your registration form, which can take up to 15 minutes, before seeing the veterinary surgeon.

When you register with us and sign your registration form, you are agreeing to settle your account after the initial consultation or when you are reunited with your pet. We are not able to offer treatment until you sign your registration and consent forms.

If your pet is admitted to the centre on the day of the appointment, we will also require signed consent for any procedures undertaken. It is very important you have a full understanding of your pet’s condition and what the implications of any proposed investigations and treatment may be. If you have doubts at any stage, our receptionists will be pleased to give you any help that you or your pet needs on your arrival.

Complimentary refreshments are available in the waiting area, with separate areas for cats and dogs, so please help yourself.

Your Referral Appointment

During your appointment, our referral veterinary surgeon will take time to obtain a detailed history of your pet’s medical background and gain a full understanding of the current problem. This will involve performing a thorough clinical examination of your pet and any findings and provisional diagnoses will be fully discussed with you at the time. During the appointment, we may need to perform some blood tests and may have to carry out mild sedation. It’s also possible we will need to carry out further tests or procedures, such as blood tests, imaging (X-rays or scans) and/or surgery.


We will do our best to carry out investigations on the same day as your consultation. If surgery is required, it will generally be performed the following day, as long as this is in the best interests of your pet and in line with your wishes. Please note, we cannot always guarantee to keep to this timeframe.

Depending on circumstances, it is possible your pet may be hospitalised for further diagnostic and/or surgical procedures to be carried out over the following few days. Alternatively, your pet may need to go home after the consultation (possibly on medication) and return for a diagnostic or surgical procedure at a later, mutually convenient, date. This will depend on the nature of the case and current workload.

Just as in a human hospital, Paragon Veterinary Referrals provides an Accident and Emergency service, and it is important to appreciate that urgent cases will take priority when we are organising patient care. If you are unsure about any aspect of your pet’s referral, our reception staff will be happy to help. Please do not hesitate to call us on 01924 908333.

Staying in the area?

If you wish to stay in the area while your pet is being treated, click here to find a list of local amenities within the vicinity of Paragon Veterinary Referrals.


We positively encourage feedback to continuously build and improve our service. If you would like to pass on any comments, please email: clientcare@paragonreferrals.co.uk

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