Our dermatology team work closely with the internal medicine and oncology services to investigate the underlying causes of more complex dermatology cases.

Access to the soft tissue surgery service allows effective management of appropriate cases such as excessive skin folds and some ear conditions.

We accept referrals in all aspects of dermatology including:

  • otitis
  • parasitic skin disease
  • infectious skin disease
  • allergic skin disease
  • immune mediated/autoimmune skin diseases
  • endocrine and metabolic skin diseases
  • alopecia
  • keratinisation disorders
  • diseases of the claws
  • investigation for unknown causes of pruritus
  • patients with refractory pruritus
  • patients with unusual skin lesions
  • video otoscope assisted cleansing of severe ear infections
  • innovative topical treatments for resistant infections and allergies.

Advanced facilities include:

  • intradermal allergy testing for dogs and cats with atopic dermatitis
  • in-house diagnostic microscopy and cytology performed during consultations, to allow rapid diagnosis of skin diseases and avoid unnecessary delay.

Case advice

We welcome calls if you require pre-referral advice about a patient, even if no referral follows. Call us on 01924 908333

Case referral

If you would like to refer a case, you can refer by email, telephone, fax or post but the quickest way is to complete our online referral form by clicking the button below.

If your case is an emergency, urgent or out of hours, please telephone us on 01924 908333

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