Combating cancer on every front.

Compassionate and comprehensive cancer diagnosis, treatment, and care are our prime objectives.

The future looks bright

Twenty short years ago, there were few options when dogs and cats were diagnosed with cancer. But today, veterinary cancer treatment continues to make huge advancements, as conditions that were not treatable then, can be sent into remission today. The treatment regimens of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are also much kinder now than they were then (and getting better all the time), which is good news for everyone involved.

While a diagnosis of cancer is both physically and emotionally draining, it is no longer hopeless. In fact, it can be beaten and/or controlled for long periods of time, with a good quality of life, much like many other chronic incurable diseases, and these days it often is. At Paragon Veterinary Referrals we will work with your practice to support you when you need it.  We will walk the owners through treatment options, compassionately guiding them through what will likely be a very challenging time and be there to answer any questions or queries that come up during treatment.

A multi-pronged attack on cancer

Cancer can be one of the most complex and difficult diseases to diagnose and treat. Our oncology department uses a multi-modal approach, coming at it from all sides with traditional therapies like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to more advanced approaches like immunotherapy, gene-therapy and molecular targeted therapy, to provide the best possible outcomes and prognoses.

Quality of life is critical to your client their pet and to us, which is why we consider both pain management as well as your psychological and social needs when treating cancer.

Our Oncology Team

Paragon Veterinary Referrals was founded on the belief that specialists, family, veterinary surgeons, and pet owners working together can do more for our patients than any of us working alone. That dedication to collaboration burns brightly today throughout Paragon. Our elite Oncology team works side-by-side with you throughout diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care. When another opinion is needed from an Internal medic, Surgeon, Cardiologist, Criticalist, Anaesthetist, Neurologist, and/or Imager, those colleagues are right across the hall, ready to lend their expertise to help solve your patient’s problems. Compassionate and comprehensive cancer diagnosis, treatment, and care are our prime objectives.

Facilities and skills

Procedures: chemotherapy, surgical oncology, molecular targeted therapies, radiation therapy (consultations only), immunotherapy, cryotherapy

Diagnostic imaging: digital radiography, ultrasound + guided aspirates /biopsies, MRI & CT scanning

Diagnostic tests: Haematology, biochemistry + coagulation testing in-house, fine needle aspirates/cytology, tissue and bone biopsies, bone marrow aspirates/cytology + biopsy

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Case advice

We welcome calls if you require pre-referral advice about a patient, even if no referral follows. Call us on 01924 908333

Case referral

If you would like to refer a case, you can refer by email, telephone, fax or post but the quickest way is to complete our online referral form by clicking the button below.

If your case is an emergency, urgent or out of hours, please telephone us on 01924 908333