A comprehensive patient referral service for the work-up, diagnosis, treatment & management of cardiorespiratory diseases.

PARAGON REFERRALS offer a truly multi-disciplinary setting as internal medicine, oncology, soft tissue surgery and anaesthesiology all compliment cardiology and allows for a rapid and fully comprehensive diagnostic, treatment and management plan for cases, all under one roof. Our cardiologists work closely with the internal medics and neurologists in assessing cardiac causes for fever of unknown origin, lethargy, exercise intolerance and collapse. As cardiologists, we also support other disciplines in managing their cases by offering pre- anaesthetic and chemotherapy monitoring echo scans and anaesthetic plans for cases which have concurrent cardiac disease. 

Why refer to Paragon for Cardiology? 

The cardiology team are friendly, approachable, caring and efficient at dealing with all cases they see. This extends to the aftercare and ongoing management of your cases by offering ongoing support to the referring practices and client when the cases are discharged. We believe in the value perceived by your clients in using a multidisciplinary hospital such as ours over other services, as this allows a rapid and efficient way to diagnose and treat the patients under your care. 

We have some of the most experienced and renowned cardiologists working at Paragon, able to offer surgical and medical management of your cases. We have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and surgical facilities to provide industry-leading care to your patients. We have the expertise in diagnosing and managing complex cases such as pulmonary hypertension, chronic airway disease, congenital disease, refractory heart failure, and pericardial effusions. We also have Holter monitor for investigations of episodic collapse/ weakness cases and arrhythmias. 

Chris Linney is one of the most experienced interventional cardiologists in Europe and further afield and along with the cardiology team we offer key-hole surgical management of cases including  

  • Minimally invasive PDA Surgery (Keyhole) using the latest occlusive devices; ACDO and AVP2 occluders 
  • Pacemaker implantation and pacemaker management, with the ability to monitor patients remotely following implantation  
  • Balloon valvuloplasty and/or stenting for pulmonic stenosis and aortic stenosis 
  • Other less common procedures for congenital heart disease and acquired heart disease are also possible – if you think you may have a case that would benefit from an interventional cardiology procedure, please do contact our Cardiology team for advice in the first instance 

Our cardiologists are able to offer thoracic radiography and ECG advice free of charge. 

Direct claims for insured clients. 

Our facilities include: 

  • On site haematology, biochemistry and electrolytes, EPOC machine for onsite coagulation and ionized calcium, blood gases 
  • Both direct and indirect Doppler and oscillometric blood pressure monitoring 
  • 6- lead ECG 
  • Multiparameter Mindray monitoring machines 
  • Pulse oximetry and capnography 
  • Digital radiography 
  • State-of-art Vivid E95 echocardiography (including colour Doppler, Pulse wave Doppler, continuous wave Doppler and Tissue Doppler) 
  • Bubble studies for right to left shunting congenital heart disease 
  • Holter monitoring service with comfortable Holter vests 
  • Fluoroscopy for interventional cardiac surgery 
  • CT and MRI for more complex cardiac and respiratory diseases 
  • IV fluid pumps, syringe drivers for CRI infusions 
  • Piped oxygen throughout the hospital and within the wards with incubator, oxygen cages and nasal oxygen prongs for the larger patients 
  • Suction devices 
  • Ventilator 
  • Defibrillator 
  • Artificial external temporary pacing for more tricky anaesthetic cases that develop an arrhythmia during anaesthetics 

These facilities are further supported by a dedicated ICU ward with round-the-clock onsite ICU ward nurses and qualified night vets. We have specialists in emergency and critical care and anaesthetist on hand to support the more critical cases. 

We also boast separate dog and cat wards with environmental temperature control and hide outs to support the more nervous cats during their stay. 

We accept referrals in many aspects of cardiology including: 

  • congenital heart disease, acquired valvular heart disease and cardiomyopathies 
  • asymptomatic heart murmurs 
  • treatment of pericardial disease 
  • exercise intolerance and collapsing patients 
  • diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias (ECG, Holter monitoring, and event recording) 
  • congestive heart failure including emergency management of acute failure 
  • cardiac failure refractory to routine medications 
  • treatment of feline aortic thromboembolism 
  • examination for breed club heart testing schemes 
  • thoracic radiograph and ECG reporting service. 

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Case advice

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Case referral

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